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Joe Abercrombie - Shattered Sea Trilogy.

MoonAge worked with HarperVoyager during 2015 to promote bestselling fantasy author Joe Abercrombie's Shattered Sea trilogy. Aimed at a younger audience than his previous novels, it was vital that the messaging and positioning of the advertising reach a teen readership as well as existing fans and the core objective for the publishers was to achieve a Top 5 bestseller for the hardback.

With the paperback of book one (Half a King) and the hardback of the second in the series (Half the World) published just weeks apart, separate strands of outreach were set up to attract dedicated Abercrombie and genre readers to the hardback and younger, self-purchasers to the lower priced paperback. The campaign for these two titles ran over a nine week period and included digital cinema ads, full page magazine advertising, website takeovers, digital search and display ads and a full social media strategy.

A separate campaign was launched to support the hardback publication of the third book in the series, (Half a War). Building on the success of Joe's first two books, the objective of this campaign was to let existing readers know that the book they'd all been waiting for had now arrived and for new readers, with a full brand new series available in its entirety, there had never been a better time to discover this author.

The campaigns helped the publishers achieve their overall objective, with the hardback of Half the World entering the bestseller list at No.3 and the hardback of Half a War reaching No.5.

Half the World Joe Abercrombie

Half the World Joe Abercrombie