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Kate Atkinson - Life After Life & A God in Ruins.

Kate Atkinson’s breathtaking novel Life After Life deserved all the acclaim it received. After a hugely successful marketing campaign for the hardback, an equally high profile approach was required to reach an even wider audience with the paperback publication. This was achieved through high impact, review quote-led outdoor and press ads, targeted digital ads, website content updates, email marketing and sustained social media outreach. The book became one of the biggest selling novels of the year, holding the top spot in the Sunday Times paperback bestseller list for three consecutive weeks and winning the 2013 Costa Novel Award.

Kate's follow-up 'companion' novel, A God in Ruins was published in May 2015. As part of the build up to publication, MoonAge was tasked with giving Kate's website an overhaul - bringing it up to date in terms of functionality and user experience and offering geo-targeting to serve territory-specific content to a range of different countries. We teamed up with Youniverse and worked directly with Kate and her UK and international publishers to deliver a fresh-looking, easily navigable website with a responsive design to work across all browsers and devices. MoonAge also worked on the digital advertising for A God in Ruins - using social media and search and display advertising to reach a broader audience. The book debuted at No. 2 on the UK bestseller list.

"Thank you for making the website look lovely" - Kate Atkinson

"Wow. It [the website] looks gorgeous!" - Kate's UK publishers

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Kate Atkinson