Founded and managed by former book publishing and music industry stalwart, Gavin Hilzbrich, MoonAge offers a wealth of experience and a broad range of solutions to help develop and implement effective marketing campaigns and strategies.

We recognize that no two brands, products or clients are the same and that a ‘one size fits all’ solution simply doesn’t exist. Unlike some larger agencies where creative output can be hampered by corporate restrictions, MoonAge relies on a small network of trusted individuals – all specialists in their own field – who can be called upon as and when their specific skills are required. This hugely flexible and agile approach allows us to easily scale a campaign or project according to the client’s needs.

Working this way also allows us to build a strong relationship with our clients. We’re not ones for complicated jargon or hiding behind generic emails. To make a project successful, we need to understand what it is you’re hoping to achieve and to do that, we need to know you. We’ll come to you, we’ll listen to what you have to say and we’ll tell you what we think… in straightforward, plain English. And if we really don’t think we’re right for the project, we’ll tell you that too.

So whilst we might be small, our ideas, enthusiasm, commitment and level of expertise are anything but, and we won’t try to sell you something you don’t really want just to make a quick buck.

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“I’ve worked in media for over 20 years and in marketing for the past 13, but I’ve been a consumer all my life. As a self-confessed ‘marketing person’s dream’, I’m only too aware of the importance of influence, engagement and placing the consumer (and their needs) at the core of any marketing campaign. Whilst many would consider the product to be the starting point when formulating a marketing plan, I prefer to begin at the end. Once we’ve identified who you’re trying to reach and understand what it is they want, a suitable strategy can be put in place and then the hard work begins. At MoonAge, I combine personal and professional knowledge and experience to help clients develop and implement the most effective marketing solutions for their products and consumers.”

Gavin Hilzbrich, Director

If you have a potential project, campaign or challenge you’d like to discuss, or even if you’d just like to meet for a no obligation, jargon-free chat, do please get in touch.

Photograph of Gavin Hilzbrich, Director of MoonAge Media Ltd.